VSG Commerce Expands with New Loop Office

12829015_566311963546327_3874401382365677216_oVSG Commerce is proud to announce that we have signed an agreement with Serendipity Labs at One South Wacker in Chicago! Serendipity Labs will host the VSG Commerce Loop office, an exciting expansion for our growing business needs.

Located at the intersection of Wacker and Madison, the Loop office is centrally located within one block of Union Station, Ogilvie and the Brown line – linking the majority of Chicagoland.

The co-working agreement has several features, including the OSW Conferencing Center features, configurable classrooms for up to 100 guests, break-out rooms, board rooms and a variety of spaces for meetings.12829152_566311870213003_3121032420654080993_o

These features are all important and will help support a series of symposiums focused on online commerce topics – these will be promoted under the VSG brand VSGU™ and as a part of our Thought Leadership Series. Please stay tuned for more information on these exciting events to come!

We are so excited to continue to grow VSG Commerce as a brand and a company, and we are proud to have Serendipity Labs as an integral piece of this growth and expansion. Stay tuned to see what we come up with at Serendipity Labs, and feel free to follow @OSWLabs on Twitter to stay in the know!

VSG Commerce takes on Oracle OpenWorld

kiosk-1A few weeks ago, VSG Commerce employees attended Oracle OpenWorld 2016 – along with 60,000 of our closest friends.

Oracle OpenWorld, a 5-day-long conference held in San Francisco, is an international celebration of Oracle, its clients and its partners. As an Oracle Gold partner, VSG Commerce was proud to be featured as an exhibitor. VSG Commerce set up a booth demonstrating our client successes plus our use of the Commerce Accelerator.

“A highlight was having people talk about the Accelerator and visiting the kiosk to see it and learn more about the services and work that VSG has done for clients,” said Natalie Rodriguez, a VSG Commerce Account Executive.

Not only was OpenWorld an excellent opportunity to connect with prospective clients, but it was also a time to meet key Oracle executives.

Rodriguez shared these other highlights as well, including her excitement about “getting to meet Oracle reps that VSG works with, and developing new relationships with key Oracle team members.”

Thanks to these awesome experiences, our team returned from the event armed with new connections, business relationships and goals. We can’t wait to put them into practice in the coming year!

With over 140 countries represented and over 15 million online subscribers, this year’s Oracle OpenWorld was certainly one for the books. See you next year, OpenWorld!

VSG Commerce is headed to Oracle OpenWorld!

TwitterBannerOOWVSG Commerce is proud to be a part of this year’s Oracle OpenWorld conference, which is taking place this September. OpenWorld, held in San Francisco, is a celebration of Oracle’s finest partnerships and work across industries – and we all know that includes VSG Commerce!

Throughout the five-day-long conference, experts will speak to a large audience of e-commerce professionals, and various companies will have the opportunities to present and exhibit. VSG Commerce is excited to participate as an exhibitor this year, and we will work to highlight our successes while simultaneously promoting Oracle, our partnerships and our amazing clients.

Oracle OpenWorld will be a great chance for us to learn more about our growing industry, network with our peers and prospects and show the world all that VSG Commerce can do. But don’t worry, we won’t leave our hearts in San Francisco – we can’t wait to bring our new knowledge, relationships and clients back with us to Chicago!

Follow along with the OpenWorld journey by checking out #oow16 on Twitter, and check out our social media profiles for updates along the way.

VSG Commerce Managed Services – Ongoing Commitment to Support and Maintenance

To the Internet commerce experts at VSG Commerce, each and every facet of our process is important. As an Oracle Gold Level partner, we take pride in our work because we know it can create success for your business. Just one of the many services we offer to you and your business is our ongoing support, which we call our VSG Commerce Managed Services.

Our Managed Services focus is the continued support and maintenance of your Oracle Commerce investment and environment. We provide 24/7 Application Monitoring & Support, Deployment Management and Performance Tuning of the Oracle Commerce solution.

This support and maintenance can be seen in a variety of ways. If you need us to function as your access point to the Oracle support team, we can do that. If you need us to make a few functional changes and enhancements to your site, we can do that too. VSG Commerce Managed Services can support your existing application architecture and help build the foundation for future growth. The following is a comprehensive list of the VSG Commerce Managed Services and a bit about what they can do for you.

  • Change Requests and Enhancements – Minor tasks to help the business implement their elected site changes as part of the ongoing process of keeping their site fresh. This may include tasks such as minor functional enhancements that do not require in-depth design or implementation.
  • Ongoing Content, Product and Promotional Changes – The overall hands-on maintenance of the site might be something the business team would like to delegate as an administrative function. VSG Commerce assists clients to insure maximum value for their initiative.
  • Capacity Planning – Includes a capacity planning session with VSG Commerce systems experts resulting in a recommendation for additional capacity required to meet your peak season demands.
  • Operational Management Services – This includes date deployments, asset deployments, application configuration changes, batch or scripted changes.

Thanks to services such as these, you are able to continually and effectively update and optimize your e-commerce website.

We don’t just want to build you a website. We want to build you a successful website. And here at VSG Commerce, we believe that the best way to achieve that is through continuous open communication and the use of our Managed Services. Check out a full list of these services here.

If you’d like to experience the VSG Commerce Managed Services for yourself, give us a call. Our years of experience and expertise can help make your next e-commerce move a smart one. Give us a call at 847-854-5990 ext 213.

VSG Commerce Accelerator – Maximizing Potential in Minimal Time

In the modern world of Internet commerce, time and money are of the greatest importance. It is important to maximize functionality, but sometimes it seems to come at a cost. VSG Commerce has the solution!

The VSG Commerce Accelerator is an already built and hosted website built in partnership with Rackspace Digital. It’s ready for your brand touch, catalog and content. In just three to five months, your unique, branded, feature-rich site can hit the market. That’s about half the time of a typical online commerce implementation, which provides substantial cost savings as well.

At VSG Commerce, we strive to make the most of your time and money by assembling a website, which utilizes industry-best practices, through customization and personalization. Thanks to VSG Commerce’s partnership with Rackspace Digital, the ability to launch your site is simplified for both B2C and B2B companies.

As an example of this partnership and its accelerated capabilities, check out the work we did with The Chefs’ Warehouse, a specialty food distributor that began sourcing products for high-end chefs over 30 years ago. With locations in major metropolitan areas across the Unites States and Canada, The Chefs’ Warehouse serves the finest restaurants, hotels, caterers and gourmet stores in North America.

The Chefs’ Warehouse partnered with VSG Commerce to design a complete Oracle Commerce solution that supports individual user needs, whether B2C or B2B, while delivering consistent functionality to all users. A few of the implemented aspects of their solution include a personalized shopping experience, new and improved branding and design, faceted and sortable searchability and an ability for users to receive pricing quotes. And the best part? It all happened quickly, thanks to the VSG Commerce Accelerator and our partnership with Rackspace.

VSG Commerce chose to partner with Rackspace because of their experience and Oracle Commerce expertise. As the Top Hosting Provider to the Internet Retailer Top 500, Rackspace has an unmatched depth of experience. Their focus on providing customers like The Chefs’ Warehouse with Fanatical Support means that we can confidently recommend Rackspace as the right hosting partner, and we know that our clients’ sites will be proactively monitored, tuned and maintained for optimal performance.

If you’d like to see what the VSG Commerce Accelerator can do for your business, please reach out for more information. Our years of experience and expertise can help make your next online commerce move a smart one. Give us a call at 847-854-5990 ext 213.

VSG/Oracle Commerce – Providing Choices

As we continue into 2016, it has become apparent that many customers are looking to launch a less complex commerce site in the cloud.

Oracle has recently introduced their Commerce Cloud solution to complement their Enterprise Acceleration offering around B2B and B2C.

Commerce Cloud provides all the benefits of a “Software as a Service” solution with even faster implementations and lower costs.

VSG Commerce is proud to have been the first Oracle Commerce partner to launch a Commerce Cloud site in 12 weeks on behalf of Hollander Sleep Products and their Live Comfortably site.

Why This Matters to VSG

VSG Commerce is a company of specialists working over the last decade on the pursuit of the Oracle Commerce platform. Oracle strategy dictates the addition of cloud-based solutions to complement enterprise products. The timing and support for VSG to grow is perfect, as we have remained consistent, dedicated and loyal to the core Oracle Commerce solutions, which has been rewarded with opportunities and a growing customer base.

VSG will be expanding into other Oracle CX applications, such as Sales, Service, CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), Marketing and Social Cloud offerings, in the near future.

The Benefits of Oracle Commerce Cloud

  • Launch quickly and move fast with a configurable, fully responsive storefront and intuitive tools for business users.
  • Oracle Commerce Cloud is a modern SaaS solution designed to ignite business innovation and rapid growth for online businesses. The solution emphasizes simplicity, allowing online businesses to quickly launch feature-rich, responsive storefronts across all devices.
  • Marketers and merchants get a configurable storefront with all of the out-of-the-box features you’d expect from the commerce experts–as well as an open API-driven framework to customize to differentiate their businesses.
  • The Storefront leverages the most modern technology available: JavaScript frameworks to simplify implementation and adoption, API-first architecture, and an HTML5 user interface. Businesses can customize and deploy quickly without sacrificing features and control.

About Oracle Public Cloud

  • Rest easy with a company you can rely on. With 99.9% up-time guarantees, elastic scaling, Level 1 PCI Compliance, pod isolation for enhanced protection and 24×7 support, companies trust Oracle.
  • Reduce costs with the proven infrastructure, protection and scale of the Oracle Public Cloud. Oracle Public Cloud processes 22 billion transactions a day via 19 global data centers.
  • Plug in to the broader Oracle Customer Experience applications portfolio to engage your customers and grow your business.

To learn more about how VSG can get your web site up and running quickly on Oracle Commerce Cloud, contact VSG by visiting www.go-vsg.com or calling 847-854-5990 x102 today.


2015 Year In Review

It’s hard to believe 2015 is already over and we are well into the New Year!

Our success this past year can be directly attributed to our client partnerships and the people and processes we have established together! Our clients’ hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.

As we look to the remainder of 2016, we at VSG have a few objectives. In these coming months, we will be focused on continually improving our digital focus, marketing services, delivery quality and operational excellence as we grow our business into additional value-added solutions.

We look forward to celebrating successes and working hard to create new ones in 2016 and beyond.

Sister Act: In early January 2015, the www.knobs4less.com site launched, along with over a dozen of its sister micro-sites.  The MyKnobs.com corporation is now home to over a dozen successful micro-sites, making finding knobs and handles as easy as possible.

Need a lift?: This past year, JLG did! Thanks to a growing industry need, they came to VSG to launch a new website offering quality used equipment. At www.jlgused.com, online shoppers are now able to find used equipment from the most trusted name in the business.

Diners, drive-ins, and dives, oh my!: Professional and home chefs alike are welcome to shop the incredible products sold on the www.chefswarehouse.com site.  Whether it’s cheese, pasta or a unique and exotic spice, this new site allows online customers to shop for any ingredient on any device. These high-quality products deserved a high-quality website, which VSG launched this past year.

Not in my house or on my site!: No bugs of either kind, web-related or crawly, are allowed. Bugs met their match this year after the VSG team worked to build the www.terminix.com site, which allows consumers to learn about various services available in their local area and even schedule a service on any device!

Frog in your throat?: No, but there can be one in your shopping cart! With Carolina Biological’s new site, www.carolina.com, users have been thrilled with the ease of searching and Endeca’s searching advances. This updated site went live this year, helping schools around the country purchase biological learning tools and supplies.

New TV on your Christmas list?: Santa must have received a lot of requests for electronics this year, as traffic on the new P.C. Richard site has increased! Prior to the holidays, the new www.pcrichard.com went live to continually support growing traffic, conversion and sales. Adding the Endeca Search and Experience Manager modules while migrating to a new hosting partner added several moving parts into this large site. What positive results for P.C. Richard!

Long Winter’s Nap: And you thought nothing could be as comfortable as a new bed! Turns out, the experience of shopping on the new Live Comfortably site is just as luxurious as one of their products! This site was the first Oracle Commerce Cloud implementation going live before Oracle Open World, creating a buzz for the client and for VSG! Live Comfortably, which is owned by Hollander Sleep Products, can be found at www.livecomfortably.com.

To learn how VSG and the Oracle Commerce platform can help you grow your e-commerce channel in 2016 and beyond, contact VSG today or call 847-854-5990 x102.

Proactive Customer Service Can Make You a Front-Runner in E-Commerce

Offer customers a positive experience and you’re almost sure to see financial returns.

Time and again, consumer studies reveal that people will pay more for—and remain loyal to—businesses that deliver outstanding service. (Want back-up? Try Harvard Business Review and American Express.)

But many companies fail to measure up—maybe because they limit customer service to reactionary steps: solve this problem; answer that question; fix what’s broken. These actions aren’t wrong, but they are not enough.

A proactive approach to service can drive increases in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales.

Proactive service can make you a front-runner in e-commerce. With Oracle Commerce and Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM), you can gather and maintain information that spotlights opportunities to delight your customers. By paying attention to the data available in these tools, you can identify perfect moments to create “wow” experiences that turn one-time shoppers into lifetime customers.

Handwrite a thank you note. Handwritten notes have become so rare; they’re sure to stand out in a stack of bills and computer-generated form letters. A handwritten, heart-felt “thank you” can go a long way toward building loyal customer relationships that drive ongoing business. Appoint someone with excellent penmanship to write thank you notes to:

  • New customers
  • Shoppers who make large purchases
  • Loyal customers who’ve purchased from your site three times in the past six months
  • People who attend a grand opening
  • Anyone who offers a positive mention of your company in a blog or social post

Send a thoughtful gift. Anyone can send a free gift, but the right gift at the right time can really make an impact. With Oracle SRM, you can monitor social networks to find out what your customers are talking about, and then use that information to delight them with desirable gifts:

  • When a customer tags your brand in a Facebook post saying how much she loves a certain product during the holidays, send her a sample and thank her for being a loyal customer.
  • When someone tweets a complaint about how long it takes to receive orders from another vendor, send him a small gift (overnight, of course) and a note to say that your company ships orders the next day.

Follow up with customers via phone or email. You might extend thanks or congratulations, invite feedback, or present a special offer. Consider moments like these:

  • After a large purchase
  • Anniversary of a customer’s first purchase from your site
  • Holidays, traditional or otherwise (like Star Wars Day: May the 4th be with you!)
  • Birthdays (or half-birthdays, if you want to be quirky)
  • Other life events such as graduation, marriage, or the birth of a baby
  • Household events such as the purchase of a new home or relocation to another city

Step into transactions in progress. Monitor customer activity on your site, and intervene when they stop short of a purchase:

  • Did a customer abandon his or her cart at the shipping step? Send a follow-up email about alternative shipping options, along with ideas for reducing cost—such as meeting a threshold for free shipping or picking up in-store for free.
  • Offer real-time assistance when a customer appears to be stuck on a step—such as during an online reservation or ticket purchase. When shoppers accept your assistance, offer to help them through to completion so they have a positive experience and you get the sale.

Generously share your expertise. The more educated your customers become, the more they will appreciate what you sell, and the more valuable they will be to your business. Go beyond FAQs and other help-related content. Use blog posts, webinars, white papers, seminars, and free coaching to teach people how to make the most of your product or service. Information like this does more than educate, it motivates. For example:

  • A chiropractor holds frequent classes on topics that complement chiropractic care: diet, exercise, and reducing toxins. At each class, satisfied patients share their personal success stories.
  • Educated patients purchase nutritional supplements, detoxification products, and exercise gear from the chiropractor.
  • Inspired by their new knowledge and potential for improved health, they refer friends and family to the practice.

To learn how the Oracle Commerce Platform and Oracle SRM can help you gather and use customer profile information so you can provide proactive customer service and drive customer loyalty, contact VSG today or call 847-854-5990 x102.

Repetitive? Yes. Interesting? We Hope So.

Every family has a storyteller. You know the one: the person who always has something to say—even if they cover the same subject every time you meet. You may roll your eyes and mutter, “Here we go again.” But you listen, because you’re curious. Will today’s story take a different turn? Will it make you laugh or shake your head or say “hmm”? What if, this time, the story is about YOU?

We hope this is how you approach the VSG blog: a little “here we go again” tempered by a lot of curiosity.

In the “here we go again” department, you can count on VSG to mention a few themes every chance we get:

  • Oracle Commerce. This is the platform we recommend. It’s our specialty, and we’re passionate about it. Get us started, and we’ll talk all day about reasons to choose Oracle Commerce.
  • Acceleration. We’ve poured our years of experience and success into a methodology that delivers rapid results for clients. With our VSG Starter Store, you can even launch a site with Oracle Web Commerce in as little as three months. We’re fast, and we’re proud of it.
  • Personalization. People expect a personalized shopping experience, so that’s what we help clients deliver. We hear ourselves telling this story all the time—but from different angles, because there are so many ways to tailor a site.

Knowing we tend to repeat a few ideas, we do strive to keep our stories interesting.

First and foremost, we brag about our clients. Every single project brings us new problems to solve, and every successful solution gives us a new story to tell. You’ll find great variety in our success stories.

We also share business wisdomsome of which you might not expect from an IT firm. We know “if you build it, they will come” is not true for e-commerce sites. Marketing is a must. We’re determined to help clients drive traffic, increase conversions, and get repeat business.

What keeps you interested?  If there’s something you’d like to learn, please tell us. We want to keep you coming back for more. To share a suggestion, contact VSG or call 847-854-5990 x102.

Say Yes to the Test

“Analytics and Optimization.” It’s a task that never drops from an e-commerce to-do list—because your customers and markets are always changing. Besides, most companies have no shortage of ideas on how to improve the customer experience. There’s always a way to add value.

The real challenge is choosing the right set of initiatives to maximize value. But where do you start?

First, define a goal based on user action. When people visit your site, what do you want them to do? Do you want them to complete a form? Subscribe to a newsletter? Download information? Buy something? Be specific about the actions you want visitors to take, so you know precisely what and where to optimize.

Next, dig into your analytics. Once you’ve defined a goal, you can use Google Analytics to identify pages that are having the biggest negative impact on the total number of people “converting,” or achieving that goal. Google Analytics won’t tell you what the problems are, but the data can point you to pages where your site could be stronger. Oftentimes, the weakest links are landing pages and conversion funnel pages. For example, a high landing page bounce rate (more than 50%) suggests that the page isn’t driving visitors to your intended action. In a conversion funnel, watch for significant number changes from one step to the next. For instance, a large decrease from the “add to cart” step to the “checkout” step may signal an issue with your checkout process flow.

Now, test those pages. At VSG, we recommend and support multi-variant testing, which tracks through to conversion (or not), so you can quickly and easily implement changes to drive action and increase sales. Testing pages is an inexpensive and effective way to:

  1. Determine what works
  2. Learn what your customers like and dislike
  3. Evaluate alternatives
  4. Experiment with new ideas
  5. Increase advertising ROI

In our experience, testing increases the effectiveness of actions a business is already taking. Typically, the results don’t call for an entirely new strategy. Rather, they highlight opportunities to adjust execution and delivery.

As testing enables you to increase conversions—whether they’re sign-ups, subscriptions, downloads, or purchases—you’ll see a greater return on investment in marketing and development. With that incentive, we can’t imagine why any company would say “no” to testing.

To learn how the Oracle Commerce platform can help you capitalize on opportunities through analysis and optimization of your site, contact VSG today or call 847-854-5990 x102.